As one of very few people watching Brad comes in CWIS group as a part-timer when he still studies in the Melbourne University, and leaves with the mission unaccomplished, may I say something about Brad maybe you don’t know?

Brad joined in our group to fill another CWIS legend – Marty Gleeson’s shoes. He soon showed people he has a big pair of feet too. Then people in our group opened debates about whether Brad is a boy or girl, whether he is sane or insane for a long long time. Mostly because of Brad is not a typical Aussie boy. He loves meat pie and drinks a lot of VB, but he can’t get footy and cricket. In spite of he spents a lot of time in capital city of South Australia, he still believes Adelaide Crows are some kind of endangered birds in the region. Tai Chi, if you still call it is a sport, is the only physical exercise Brad practices.

Brad leaves University during a turbulent period. There is no formal farewell party organised for him, even without a card signed by colleagues saying goodbye after his six years loyal services. However, these are trivial things can hardly fuss over him. In contrast with, a lot of people on FLITE have already expressed respect and appreciation to his great contribution to Melbourne University soon after the announcement. I’m wondering whether there is something you want achieve more than your work can be acknowledged by the people you serve for, something you can do better than to let Melbourne University be proud of having you study and work here.

A lot of people remember Brad as an intelligent, creative, independent and responsible person. A person never compromises on his principles. But there is something more.

One thing I noticed unusual on Thursday last week. Just after Brad finished packing his stuff and pots of big plants grew years, he bunkered himself into the chair, looked around the office had been working in for last six years, then stared on the blank wall and his empty desk, without saying a word, for quite a few minutes…

From that moment on, I found another Brad, a strong character with passion and love, a man had a lot of good memories remained in Melbourne University and tried to take away with him.

However, these beautiful memories should never be all gone with him, even for good. They are the treasures, for people who are still working in University today, should share with and look after forever and ever.

I wish Brad all the best to his future. And be happy and have a lot of fun in his new life.


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