• Both Flipboard for iOS and Flipboard for Android make heavy use of web views. We use web views so we can ensure consistent designs for our partners’ articles across all platforms. Communication between native code and the JavaScript code running in a web view is something that is both tedious to implement as well as very bug prone as it’s mostly just string concatenation.

• Flipboard is one big fan of ReactJS. Its single directional data flow and declarative API have changed the way people build apps. The most compelling feature of React is the virtual DOM. The fact that it renders to HTML in a browser container is simply an implementation detail. The recent introduction of React Native proves this out.

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Flipboard Engineering

Understand the difference between annotations @Resource, @Inject, @Autowired, @Qualifier …

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Spring Injection with @Resource, @Autowired and @Inject » Source Allies Blog
Overview. I’ve been asked several times to explain the difference between injecting Spring beans with ‘@Resource’, ‘@Autowired’, and ‘@Inject’. While I received a few opinions from colleagues and read a couple of posts on this topic I didn’t feel like I had a complete picture.

Where is your service's boundary?

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Goodbye microservices, hello right-sized services | Particular Software
If you follow industry news, you have probably heard about microservices. They are everywhere. More and more companies are exploring this architectural style, sharing their successes and their failures. The landscape is changing and advancing rapidly. Much has been learned recently from these real-life implementations. However, one of the most frequent and controversial questions remains the same: so how big should each microservice be?