• OData is appropriate for use in Web services which need a uniform, flexible, general purpose interface for exposing create retrieve update delete (CRUD) operations on a data model to clients; on the other side, REST is primarily method-oriented or in which data operations are constrained to certain prescribed patterns.

• OData aims the layer that exposes the data points for a specific place at a specific date and time; REST provides a way to deliver Domain services.

• OData allows clients to initiate transactions across multiple requests; REST does not allow this as it would violate the stateless constraint.

• OData exposes dumb data; REST exposes intelligently presented information.

• REST is not really appropriate for doing CRUD; REST != CRUD

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Bizcoder – Oh Data
Since the recent PDC09 I have been obsessing over OData and I need to write this post just to get it out of my head. Microsoft has made it obvious that they are taking this protocol very seriously by integrating it into Sharepoint, Visual Studio, RIA Services, PowerPivot, and I expect to see it …