Will Spring have a new life if support Reactive Architecture in Spring 5?

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Project Reactor
Create efficient Reactive systems. Reactor is a second-generation Reactive library for building non-blocking applications on the JVM based on the Reactive Streams Specification. Reactive Core. 2.5.0.M3. Reactor is a fully non-blocking foundation with efficient demand management.

Though default method in Java 8 are a step backwards because it allows you to "pollute" your interfaces with code.

However it provides the most elegant and practical way to allow backwards compatibility. It's made it much easier for Oracle to update all the Collection classes and for you to retrofit your existing code for Lambda.

Default method is the bridge to Lambda in Java 8.

As compare to Python, Go has its advantage on doing concurrency. As compare to Ruby, Go has its advantage on "the best way to do it" motto, a single way to do things, helping in clean code.

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The Go Programming Language
You can edit this code! // Click here and start typing. package main import “fmt” func main() { fmt.Println(“Hello, 世界”) }. Hello, 世界. Run Share Tour. Hello, World! Conway’s Game of Life, Fibonacci Closure, Peano Integers, Concurrent pi, Concurrent Prime Sieve, Peg Solitaire Solver …

Empathy – Communication, leadership and other "Soft-Skills". Ability to see from someone's point-of-view.

Design – Creativity and planning. Not just visual; also interaction design, etc.

Code – Actual building of software. Includes debugging, version control, unit tests, etc.

Systems – Networking, databases and operations. Data: how to store, access and transfer it.

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