read setting from Config.groovy in grails as:

import org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons.ConfigurationHolder as CH

MAX_ACCOUNT_OWNERS = CH.account.maintenance.max.accountowners

session[“ACCOUNT_NAME”] = “${}”

as static class ConfigurationHolder is hard to write unit test.

def grailsApplication

MAX_ACCOUNT_OWNERS = grailsApplication.config.account.maintenance.max.accountowners

Arquillian is basically a framework that aims at helping / managing the server / container in an agnostic way.

Arquillian is responsible for the life cycle of the container (start, deploy, undeploy, stop, etc).

Arquillian provides a component model for integration tests, which includes dependency injection and container life cycle management. Instead of managing a runtime in your test, Arquillian brings your test to the runtime.

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Arquillian · Write Real Tests
An innovative testing platform for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Open source. Highly extensible.

Brown bag session about "Microservices in REA", presented by Evans Bottcher, I have to admit it's quite mind boggling.

• If you develop it, you test it, and you support it. How hard to find developers with DevOps skill set?
• No versioning management
• Avoid integration test, avoid mock; use consumer driven test framework instead, mock the behaviour of the provider
• The worst software enemy is NOT duplication; avoid shared library, sharing == coupling; copy & paste is your best friend
• Synchronised web service call only; HTTP RESTful service call only
• Monitor is a meaningful thing
• Build anti-corruption firewall against legacy system

Is Microservices just a "small" size version of monolithic application? What good practices I have done during last twenty years are totally WRONG?!

Building Microservices by Sam Newman | ThoughtWorks
A holistic view of the factors you need to be aware of in order to successfully implement microservice architectures.