If you've wondered why many companies like Amazon armed with S3, Google with Drive even Apple iTune and Microsoft OneDrive are so eager to control data storage, the answer can be summed up in a simple term: Data Gravity.

Ultimately, where data is determines where the money is. All services and applications are nothing without it.

As data accumulates, there is a greater likelihood that additional services and applications will become attractive and appealing to this data they are cohering to.

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Fuck Off As A Service (FOAAS)
Introduction. FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off. What’s New in 0.1.6. 622 Response Code Replaces inadequate HTTP 404. API. Content Negotiation. FOAAS will respond to the following ‘Accept:’ values with …

In a life depends on technology, it's better read cover to cover of Mary Meeker’s yearly Internet Trends report, which is the ultimate compilation of essential tech statistics and facts, encompassing everything from Snapchat to drones, smartphone penetration to on-demand food.

2015 Internet Trends Report
2015 Internet Trends Report | Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

If the Chinese economy weakens so much that the authorities have no other choice than to let the renminbi slide, it will have severe knock-on effect.

China accounted for 85 per cent of global growth in 2012, 54 per cent in 2013, and 30 per cent in 2014 — that figure is expected to fall to 24 per cent this year. “If there is only one statistic that you need to know in the world right now, this is it.”

Global economy ‘like an ocean liner without lifeboats’
THE world economy is in serious danger of falling into another recession — and if it does, governments have few tools left at their disposal to combat it.

Standing tall and strong, Java has survived the test of time, with success in the enterprise and failure missed the mobile revolution big time.

Groovy, Scala, Clojure … no matter what challenge these new programming languages bring on, if they run on JVM, Java's legacy will live on.

May 23th marks 20 years since the first version of Java was released for public use. Happy 20th birthday Java.

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Java Timeline