Succinctly put it: “The availability of intelligent IDEs, a backward compatible platform, a massive core API, a vibrant open source community, and a language that was designed for readability and encapsulation makes Java perfect for teamwork.”

The ecosystem of Java and JVM is a vast, sprawling entity, where even the most junior coder has the chance to stand on the back of giants to have their say and help to build something amazing.  Love it or hate it, this language is going nowhere any time soon – so you might as well have a say in deciding where it goes in the next decade.

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Design In Tech Report 2015
Design has become a game changer in Silicon Valley. Last year, “John Maeda”: joined KPCB as the firm’s first Design Partner, joining from his role as the President of the Rhode Island School of Design. Now, in his inaugural #DesignInTech Report, Maeda highlights the rising importance of design in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Drawing on extensive research and his own conversations with hundreds of designers,…