API Gateway solves client side fragility issues like security, monitoring, data caching, load balancing and versioning. 

Service discovery is the key component in microservice's distributed system picture.  It becomes especially critical as more services deployed, and service location change quite frequently due to scaling in a live system, as well as hosts failing and being replaced.

Message queue reduces the coupling when one microservice needs to interconnect another microservice directly, makes one microservice have less degree of direct knowledge that one possible.

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Vert.x is a framework for the next generation of asynchronous, scalable, concurrent applications, which aims to provide an alternative to Node.js for the JVM.

Inside Vert.x. Comparison with Node.js. | CUBRID Blog
Vert.x is a server framework which is rapidly arising. Each server framework claims its strong points are high performance with a variety of protocols supported. Vert.x takes a step forward from that. Vert.x considers the environment of establishing and operating the server network environment.

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Stevey’s Blog Rants: Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit
The worldwide Haskell community met up over beers today to celebrate their unprecedented discovery of an industry programmer who gives a shit about Haskell. On Wednesday, researchers issued a press release revealing that 27-year-old Seth Briars of North Carolina, a Java programmer at Blackwater …