Feature toggles require a robust engineering process, solid technical design and a mature toggle life-cycle management.

Feature toggles could make code more fragile and brittle, harder to test, harder to understand and maintain, harder to support, and less secure.

Feature Toggles Revisited
Proper implementation of feature toggles based on a categorisation of their longevity and dynamism helps dealing with their operational complexity according to Pete Hodgson, consultant at ThoughtWorks. In his post he expands Martin Fowler’s FeatureToggle pattern and proposes Release, Ops, Experiment and Permission Toggle implementation strategies.

Hystrix Dashboard + Turbine Stream Aggregator

The Netflix Tech Blog: Hystrix Dashboard + Turbine Stream Aggregator
by Ben Christensen, Puneet Oberai and Ben Schmaus Two weeks ago we introduced Hystrix, a library for engineering resilience into distributed systems. Today we’re open sourcing the Hystrix dashboard application, as well as a new companion project called Turbine that provides low latency event …