Accountability is a dirty word, but performance isn't."

If you have never experienced performance tuning and testing, you should quit your I.T. job and work in a pet shop instead. If you know how to run LoadRunner (not Lode Runner, not the game), you are definitely a "qualified" and over-rated consultant who could demand big money but only make mealy mouthful work. If you know something beyond like JMeter and Grinder but not everything else, you are either too old or already out of fashion.

Introduce Gatling, a new stress testing tool with a different dimension.

• It uses concise and elegant script language to write BDD style testing scenarios, actually it's Scala.
• It uses actors and async IO patterns, asynchronous parallel computing, far more efficience than one-thread-per-user design.
• It gives more accurate results with far less memory and CPU usage.

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Gatling Project – Stress Tool
About. Gatling is an Open Source Stress Tool with: High performances · Simple concepts · A DSL to describe scenarios · HTTP support · A scenario recorder · Meaningful reports. Download. 10/15/2012: Ga…

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5 Thoughts on “General Melchett: “Performance isn’t a dirty word, Blackadder

  1. +Dean Budd Deano made a good point not long time ago about the best way to learn a new computer language.

    I couldn't remember exact his words because at that time the beer still dribbled from his mouth when he talked. Anyway his point is to learn, understand and master a new language by using it to write test from beginning.

    Gatling I reckon gives your full god "excuse" but the most important – the motivation to start learning, writing and practicing in Scala …

  2. +Terrence Miao That's simply not true. I would never waste beer like that! hahaha

  3. +Terrence Miao It highlights itself as a Load Testing tool. I'm only assuming it also covers Performance Testing? Or is that still the realm of JProfiler and the like…

  4. Gatling only covers performance/load testing. JProfiler is still dominating performance tuning work.

  5. +Terrence Miao  We started using this in anger. VERY GOOD tool. We're replacing JMeter as I speak.

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