Woke up this morning and found I was in Google+ circle

July 10th, 2011 by Terrence Miao Leave a reply »

The exuberance bubbled up to the highest point. I sent out thousands invitations after I logged in, including a few of my best mates. Hopefully, they will response my invitation and follow back soon.


  1. Jeff Hoffard says:

    Don't get to excited, G+ is no Facebook

  2. Pro Google+, one reason is that it differentiates and distances to Facebook …

  3. David Martin says:

    It may not have the functionality of Facebook, but I'm loving the Google+ interface

  4. Dean Budd says:

    The most important thing about Google+ (for me) is that I know exactly who I'm posting to. With Facebook and its confusing "privacy" setting, it's anyone's guess who gets to read my stuff. Facebook "friends lists" are a joke!

  5. Dean Budd says:

    Another thing I like… actually being able to edit your posts, rather than having to delete them and write them again from scratch.

  6. One thing I pro Google+ is that it seamlessly integrated Google Account, Gmail, Maps, Buzz services and it can run on Android. Facebook, on the other hand, is just teasing, flirting Facebook …

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