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Start up a new business? To a friend of mine…

July 20th, 2008

I have thought about the pro and con for two days whether to join the team, finally, the natural burning passion win the battle.

Really don’t want to miss an opportunity that we can start up, maybe a prosperous business in future. Let’s hope we can steer it unstoppably into the unknown water for a long long time.

One thing I want to share with you is that I was in Unico company’s Town Hall meeting last Friday. One of the two co-founders of the company, Mike Palmer, gave a speech in front of whole company’s 160+ colleagues before his retirement. He briefed company’s history, started from two people, and ups and downs during the last 24 years. There are several things impressed me in his speech:

  1. a company must has its culture. And this culture must be from top down
  2. when Unico started, they have the goals like do the interesting work and be proud of the work been done

“Treat other people like the way you treat yourself” is the final punchline of the speech. This the same one of my favourite quotes from Confucius – If you don’t want something done onto yourself, don’t do it onto others.

This IT veteran career story really make people think. But what a coincidence you called me on same day night about work on the project. Is it an omen?

Maybe I’m talking a bit too far from right now. Anyway, back to business. Start the engine and let’s rock.