Just last year Grunt was effectively dethroned by Gulp. And now, just as Gulp and Browserify are finally reaching critical mass, Webpack threatens to unseat them both. Webpack offers enough power out of the box that you typically don’t need Grunt or Gulp at all.

Build tooling shouldn’t require a custom build from the ground up. It should provide customization points that allow you to handle the few things that make you truly unique.

Browserify vs Webpack
If you need a cabin, why start
with a mere pile of logs?

Collection.toArray(new T[0]) or Collection.toArray(new T[size]), that's the question.

Arrays of Wisdom of the Ancients
The Java Language and JDK Class Library have two distinct, yet connected, ways to group elements: arrays and Collections. There are pros and cons for using either one, so both are prevalent in real programs. To aid conversion between the two, there are standard methods to make a reference array …

Clean, simple, flexible, evolvable, agile Architecture Cheat Sheet

Clean, simple, flexible, evolvable, agile architecture cheat sheet |
I compiled a reference of principles, concepts, methods and so forth on architecture in agile software development. If you are a software architect or developer, this is for you. Clean Architecture V1.0 · clean architecure thumbnail. Comments about what you like or your opinion on the topic are …